Faith Formation for Children at MQOA- 2017/2018

Mass is central to living out our Catholic Faith; it is where we receive our life giving bread and learn through Scripture and prayer. Join us in committing yourself and your families to attend Mass weekly to further your life long faith formation. Our community will walk with you on this journey and participate with you during Sunday Mass. We are committed to offering excellent liturgy, through beautiful music, inspiring homilies, and welcoming communities.

We ask for a commitment to attend Mass together regularly. On our part, we are working to improve your experience to be more inspiring, fulfilling, and uplifting.

Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word happens during the 10:30AM Mass on Sundays at St. James. Children up to grade 6 are invited to the parish hall to learn their prayers and Catholic faith, rooted in the Gospel of the day, while their parents remain in Mass and are treated to the Mass readings and inspiring homilies before the kids rejoin the adult community for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Parent volunteers are needed, and we ask that you add $10.00 to your regular offertory when your child attends. We start Sunday, September 10. Join us for an information meeting (parents and interested volunteers) after the 10:30 Mass on September 17. Please join us!

Families with kids up to grade 6 are invited to join us the first Sunday of each month after the 10:30AM Mass in the St. James parish hall to learn and grow in faith together. Brought to you by our Wondrous Stories team, this is a fun opportunity for families to spend time sharing faith with each other, and other families.

If you have a child in grade 2 or above who has been baptized, we welcome your family to prepare for First Reconciliation and Eucharist this year. It starts with First Reconciliation prep, which begins in September each year.

We use “Go Seek Find” by St. Mary’s Press for First Reconciliation and First Communion, and the cost for registration is $60.00 per child, which covers the GSF packet and all materials.

To register your child, please email with your child’s name, birthdate, and parents’ names, along with your choice of session/start date. When we’ve received your email, we’ll respond with even more information, and you’ll do a complete registration at the first gathering.

After receiving First Reconciliation, your family will be invited to prepare for First Communion, which is received in the Spring of each year.

If you have (or are) a young person in grade 10 or above who has been baptized and has received First Communion, we welcome your family to prepare for Confirmation this year.  The process kicks off with a  meeting for Sophomores and their parents in the fall.

In addition to periodic gatherings throughout the year, our candidates use an online curriculum called  (“Called to Mercy” from St. Mary’s Press). The cost for registration is $60.00, which covers access to the curriculum and materials for gatherings.


But wait… no CCD?

Making Disciples through Adult-Centered Faith Formation is one of our goals at Mary, Queen of the Apostles Parish. Our focus is the faith of adults and parents of children first and foremost. In turn, the strong faith of the parents, grandparent, or any supportive adult of a child will also form and grow the faith of that child.

As a Church, we’ve spent much of our time and resources educating  children, assuming that the culture and practices of the faith would be learned at home from their household and community- but in these times, we know that children are often not being formed in the faith at home. Still, we know that parents are the first and most effective teachers of their children, when it comes to faith. In order to raise the next generation of disciples, we must be a church that empowers adults to share their faith with each other and with their children.

We know, too, that adults and children learn differently- and that while children are often wide-open to Jesus, adults need more depth and application to their learning. Adults are vital to the passing on of the faith, the building up of the church and to making disciples of Jesus.

“If the current trends in the Catholic Church are to be reversed or stemmed, the Church must increasingly direct its efforts to invigorating its adults, and move them from membership to discipleship (National Directory of Catchesis, 47, A3). We will need a different culture in the Catholic Church, one that takes seriously the importance of lifelong learning, and puts more emphasis on and resources into creating a Church of adult disciples. The creation of this culture must be purposeful and intentional.” Edmund Gordon in Lifelong Faith, Fall 2008